Hello, could I ask you for your help with two technical problems ? You are not forced at all, however, if there’s a chance you can help, i’ll be grateful :)

The two problems bugging me are very different.

– problem 1, based on CSS.
This should be a piece of cake – I guess, I must have missed the part that mattered.
Simply said : I don’t find why my blog posts (not the main index page, the page that’s displayed when you click an “open the complete post” link) are centered left in Internet Explorer 6 & 8, even though they’re correctly centered with the other browsers o_O
I still have 25% Internet Explorer users among my visitors each day, I should treat them better…

– problem 2, a hell >_<
3 persons reported me they had been redirected to an external page with ads or a fcking trojan injection attempt, when they opened hentairules.net
I checked, double checked, triple checked my blog’s own code, it is and stayed clean.
And yet… this problem.
If you take a look at the way hentaiweblog is shown to you, did you witness a redirection attempt ? Would you have found which component tried to do it ?
I suppose this is linked to one of the ad companies present on Hentairules, they’re acting like “real estate” internet agents, I’m hiring them my space – for peanuts ¬_¬ – and they’re hiring it to anyone willing to pay. There are 3 of them : juicyads (they told me they checked and found no illegal banner), ero-advertising and adultadworld.com (they didn’t reply so far, it usually takes them 3 or 4 business days to respond).

Please, if this question belongs to your expertise, could you see if you see anything suspect ?

Thanks if you can help :)