Itadakimasu !

A big-breasted sensei with self-confidence. A high-school well-built male student in love with her, acting like a S-class cherry despite his powerful looks. Add the two ingredients to a manga chapter, shake it, and there you are =)

Graphically, the oral action was EX-CE-LLENT, the paizuri and vaginal sex later on weren’t not as good, I’m not a fan of X-ray and suddenly the woman’s hips were drawn weirdly, I feel… Well, see for yourselves, dear readers ! :)

Scenario-wise, I’m surprised the story didn’t really turn out the way I expected. The male guy is “virgin-eaten” during much longer than I was expecting (this was not femdom, but the woman was exerting total authority and did some taunting), and even the unavoidable turnaround (inner male power, all that, seriously, is there no available room between male domination and total femdom ? ¬_¬) came very late and wasn’t as extreme as I may have feared.

By the same artist, I also share Teacher On Hold.

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