Sugoi, a new manga by Nico Pun Nise ! ^_^

Under the prestigious and promising patronage of a great team, Brolen, Fated Circle, Zathael and Setebos (thansk a lot guys ! ^^), here is the very promising (I told you !) chapter 1 of a new manga by Nico Pun Nise, Tenshi No Kagai Jugyo :)

You’ll find the same passionate and very intense sex scenes, with great happy sex and care for the female partner (an examplary virginity loss !), with a greater dose of humour than previously, especially the funny “comedic” faces :3

By Nico Pun Nise, I also share 2 short works and 3 excellent complete mangas : Nenchaku Taishitsu, Purimu No Nikki volume 1 and volume 2. If you haven’t read them, try Purimu first ;)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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