One cannot simply refuse to fuck an ass

Test Steron. Haha, good one, I didn’t think of it :D As a kid, I thought up the Super Matozoids, but Test Steron sounds even better :lol:

A quotation of the two main characters would make a good summary :
– I’ll remove your lust by its roots, prepare yourself ! (she lefts her shirt)
– So it’s really the most obvious development, huh !? (him, backing off temporarily)
You got the gist ? There is no common sense, no scenario, it’s Woman X Man, and if the drawings and te happy sex are to your taste, gor for it, and thanks a lot to LS and Hitsuyou-san from Ehcove ! ^^

Just a note, I added a grayscale darkened version of the cover, more to my personal convenience than anything else this time.

By Maruarai, I also share She Is Sea

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The hentai geek note : I was surprised to see a creative commons logo added by Ehcove. Two things surprised me more precisely… First, well, we shouldn’t write it out loud, but isn’t that piracy anyway ? In rare cases (Soba Scans and Velvet Kiss, their effort facilitated the arrival of Velvet Kiss in official print to us Westerners, yay), it’s generating positive externalities, but the rest of the time, this is just an “off-circuit” system that’s not allowed or supported by the artists and publishers, after all, a grey zone because they don’t care about English scanlations…
And, second, more generally speaking, if you adapt and transform someone else’s work without his permission, can you place a creative commons part on just your own additions and edits, meaning : the cleaning, the translating, the editing, the typesetting ?
I don’t want to raise a fuss or to protest, it’s just that, well, I’m curious, as it is O_o