Just saying (as I explained before), do you remember I became the web host for gallery-dump.com, on a new server of mine ?

I do a last test before moving more sites to the server (Hentairules.net included), to see if it won’t budge at all under increased sudden pressure (for instance an advertisement on hentairules.net ;) ). So, here’s the link :

GD's banner

If you’re curious, you’re free to visit that place, the home page is a pictures submission page with great deals of amateur girls (and a bit of pro too).

On the other hand, the forum has TONS of various stuff, including videos, and it contains good people too (besides, there isn’t just porn, there’s also an open discussion area, and webmasters subforums).

And please, if you manage to break the server or if you notice server bugs – the server is still quite fresh, maybe adjustments can or must be added, who know ! – please, report it, thank you :)