Seriously ? Liking a blowjob while still wearing the condom ? O_o

Would you remember First Week Of Homestay, by Kusatsu Terunyo, in which a black exchange student, with his kindness and his frank way of expressing himself, conquers a Japanese MILF ?

Well, here’s a continuation :) In which the two protagonists continue having great mutually satisfying sex, without feeling more than mutual liking, while the woman’s son, totally oblivious (if there were world obliviousness competitions, he’d be qualified to be Japan’s candidate) to the charms of a female school friend who’s waiting for him to make the first move, is obsessing over the fact his mother has a sexual life, poor spoiled kid – meh :D
Oh, it’s becoming a habit – some day, I’ll make a poll about it, I hope it’s not pissing off everyone; me, I REALLY see this as a way of providing you guys better stuff -, I retouched the images a bit : before / after.
Credits are for Snowshoes, Action Bastard, Pop9 and Snowpatrol, thank you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Ane Haha, whose links I just fixed.

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PS : the street fighter parody moment left me choking with laughter :D