Aww, such a cute face =)

This is a simple love and sex story, more like a few slices of life, a sex scene, and funny tidbits, between a petite girl with huge breasts, and a fat guy working at the same place. The girl is cheerfull and positive, the guy is nice and kind-hearted, and the girl loves him for the inside, not for the outside.
Graphically, this wasn’t as good as my former memories of Zuk (Harem X Harem, School Girl, and Bind). The artist tried to avoid showing censorship bars and ended avoiding showing genitalia, ahem). But it’s still cute and full of good feelings !

Besides, dear male readers, if you’ve got a few extra kilograms, you may love this manga even more, even in hentai, it’s nice and reassuring to see a heavy guy being loved and having sex, not because he’s a devil, but just because he’s “what and who he is” :)

Credits and thanks are for a scanlator I didn’t know, Mumei Translations ! The admin of Mumei is searching for a quality checker, I’m mentioning it in case someone is interested…

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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