Return to bar school ! (lol, you MUST read it ^^)

Quotation : « – Irrellevant ! You and your devil may care attitude ! Re-do your investigation on the double ! Or rather, re-do bar school from day one !
– I can’t ! I would never get the same luck again ! » :lol:

With many, MANY thanks to Sling, here’s a both funny and hentai story, I strongly recommend it to you guys ^^

Short note, yeah, I already uploaded the chapter 1 like two weeks ago. But sharing this chapter 1 together with the two new chapters 2-3 instead of separately in two zips, it saved me 10 minutes, I think your loss of time is damn worth my extended sleeping time ;)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Just a remark, I was thinking about it a few minutes ago. Of course the story is very stereotyped, the male hero is obviously going to have sex with every female adult working in his office, with his co-workers adding comic relief and an occasional sex scene. I’m not going to complain

– But when I think of it, I think I like even better the other kind of stereotyped story, when there’s always the same woman having sex with different males on different occasions. Like The Great Escape, or Hana’s Holidays (season 1, season 2).

What about you guys ?

Nano bonus, even if you don’t download that one, don’t miss this dialogue 😀

« – Takagi ! How long are you going to play that cherry boy act ?
– But, I’m not a virgin…
– Get rid of it ! Are you saying you’re faking your virginity ?»