Return to bar school ! (lol, you MUST read it ^^)

Quotation : « – Irrelevant ! You and your devil may care attitude ! Re-do your investigation on the double ! Or rather, re-do bar school from day one !
– I can’t ! I would never get the same luck again ! » :lol:

With many, MANY thanks to Sling, at last, here is the COMPLETE version of The Catcher In The Law, a both funny and hentai (/ecchi) story, I strongly recommend it to you guys ^^

Despite being very funny, The Catcher In The Law is still not as fun as Ally McBeal – but it contains more porn :twisted: This is an adult story (no drama, but there are no toddlers, children or teens), about young people starting their carreer in law, and their social and sexual relations. Add humour, sex, and a good mood, it makes a good reading session :) Graphically this is “just” ecchi, but the girls have a good “lively” feeling, it compensated a bit.

One last killer quote, I liked that one a lot too :
«– Takagi ! How long are you going to play that cherry boy act ?
– But, I’m not a virgin…
– Get rid of it ! Are you saying you’re faking your virginity ?

By the same artist, I also share Lying May [English]

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

If you downloaded the previous incomplete version of The Catcher In The Law that I shared in early august, you’ll just need the two last chapters, the chapters 6-7 to make it a complete manga.
There you go =)
Chapters 6-7 : Zip Link #1 – or – Zip Link #2