banzai ! ^^;;

Thanks to SirC, here is the COMPLETE version of The Cherry Boys, a shota-based english hentai manga, by Rio Yanagawa.

I’m not a fan of shota style but I don’t hate it either (before bugging me with a lolicon comparison, read this), and I think most of you guys will definitely love the manga, according to my previous download stats :)

The hentai art is astounding, with excellent drawings of the female body, hot women having enthusiastic sex. The theme is the loss of virginity, always a shota boy being happily introduced to it by these very helpful women :o

(For more stuff by this artist, cf The list of Rio Yanagawa”s works on Hentairules)

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Read the rest of : The Cherry Boys [English, complete version, 227 pictures], by Rio Yanagawa (167 words)