Tanned, and maid ? WOOOOOOOOOT !!!

A tanned maid. With very bold and tight clothes. Naive, but determined. Virgin. Tanned. With big breasts. In love. And, at last, having sex with the man she loves. Did I mention she was tanned ? :3
AWESOME ! :twisted:

Thanks a lot, a very big lot, to LD from Soba Scans, and Conan ! :)

A thing titillated my mind… Why is the heroine called “Rina-kun” by her partner ?!? I mean, shoudn’t it be Rina-chan ?

By the same artist, I also share Last Quarter, Real Eyes + Secret Eyes, under the Wechselhaft pen name. And, as Kima Gray, I also share Ehrliche Liebe (โ€œHonest Loveโ€), are She Is Beautiful and Proper Exchange. Great stuff, I tell you.

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