Oh, thank you hentai god for allowing Jingrock to exist =)

I hope you guys will appreciate it, a kind person called High 9 Eleven entirely decensored Adolescence Is A Sexual Excitement Period, an already awesome hentai manga by Jingrock ! No more thick black bars restraining our reading pleasure, YAY ! :D
Thanks a lot, H9E !

This manga is definitely a must-read, and its decensoring brings a huge value added :)

The decensorer, High 9 Eleven, has his own blog, it’s brand new, it’s definitely worth a visit :)

The download links and the pictures galleries are available
on THAT PAGE of Hentairules

Really, go for it, this is PURE GOLD ! :D This is very well drawn, there is lots of humour and of gentle humorous teasing, there is love and mutual affection with care for the partner’s pleasure, and this is superbly hardcore, RHA ! :twisted:

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