I laughed hard ^^

Do you remember why I shared a re-translation of the chapters 2-3-4 of Welcome to Tokoharusou ?

Basically, because the previous translation sucked and betrayed the story’s scenario. But there’s more than that, and this is why I dig the work I’ll share here :lol:

Fuke, among other ideas, also expressed (read his comments !) other concerns that were alien to me, mentioning the importance of releasing GOOD translations, as a sign of respect for the artists and for the readers, and also in order to set up a “honorable atmosphere” in the hentai community, to encourage wannabe scanlators NOT to release shitty translations.

OK, you’ve got that in mind ? Ready, jet, set, puke ?
Allright : here is the worst translation and editing job I’ve seen in at least two years, this is dramatic, and so unbearable it joined the bathos side and turned absurdly funny :D :lol:
(The story itself is quite funny, a cute girl using her superpowers to femdomize a girl from her class, it starts with the best counter-attack against a facial ejac in hentai history, but I don’t know how far we can trust the translation ^^::)

To people interested in scanlation, I can give two links, and you’ll certainly find MANY more if you search among the competent people : Ero-Otoko’s guide, and there’s also this page on YQII’s blog…

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