This was so horrible, it became hilarious ^_^

I’m bringing to you a new update to the Esper Asami story, hopefully the mnga will not be only ridiculous, people might actually become interesting in how the story will evolve.

And graphically, this is rather good highschool girl sex :o

– The scenario thickens and becomes even – at last – interesting and not just “hilarious because ridiculous”
– The translation is as hilariously horrible as before, I’ve come to think of it as a good point, I can laugh with delight, lol
– A new chapter is translated and 62 new English pages arrive
– Fixes : 7 or 8 pages were fixed with better editing and a few big mistakes were fixed (no more “I’ll insert my pussy into your cock”, oh, sob, it was so fun, some c*ck replaced with cock, some bubbles with better typography)
– And I joined 4 double pages

In other words,
The Esper (Or Wizard) Asami has been updated and is available HERE :)

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