NNNH ! - I hope you'll love it ^_^

Woohoo, that’s my first time editing a hentai manga for a scanlation group ! ^_^

Ed and Tech, from Genesis Team, contacted me about their excellent project to release a whole lot of awesome fullcolor goodness, once per day in December, and I decided to try to help, trying my hand at editing :)
I knew the theory : removing the Japanese text from the speech bubbles, redrawing behind when the bubbles had a transparency effect, possibly doing more heavy stuff when there’s too much text for the bubbles in English, adding surrounding effects, chosing font, font size, font effects….

But the one thing I didn’t know was that this is a LOT of work requiring a LOT of dedication ! :shock: Now I know that a manga with good editing has been made with a love for good work, and a fair amount of time too ! Hentai mangas are not all about translations, they require good editing too – and now I’m full of awe and respect toward manga editors :shock:

TL;DR, sorry, this is very short but wonderful happy sex, have some awesome Homunculus goodness, with great thanks to Edmx, Tech, and me for once :)

EDITORS NEEDED : to keep on with their great fullcolor releases of December, Genesis needs EDITORS ! If you’re interested, please visit their blog or contact them by mail (gteamtranslators, domain’s gmail.com) !

For MORE, cf. The updated list of the works by Homunculus on Hentairules

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