Great drawing talent, albeit disappointing volume

Aaargh, I wish I had more vocabulary to describe the drawing styles ! >_< I’ve been struck by the impression that the artist, Katsura Yoshihiro, “manipulate blacks” as no other artist out there. Deep blacks around a face, in the clothes, the hair, as if to make important elements more significant and highlighted… Argh, it pains me, not knowing the right words, I still hope you see what I mean…

Credits are for Desu and Palaxius, thank you ! :)

Apart from the artistic talent, this is happy first time sex with “OMG so we’re in love ?!?” between either childhood friends or cousins (I’m not sure I figured it out correctly).
Graphically, this is a BIG let down, my previous Katsura Yoshihiro shares were MUCH more intense and burdened with less censorship, and the color pics in the end (during which the whole vaginal action is to take place, regrettably) are damn plain. On the other hand, the story is funnier, with more short moments dedicated to providing comic relief :)

By the same artist, I also share Megane No Megami 1-4, Ano Natsu Omoide No Umi and Sweet Sweat Switch.

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