That picture is taken from one of the two only correct scenes

Girls in crazy outfits fight battles in an arena, and the loser is given hardcore sexual punishment, fortunately they all take a drug turning pain into sexual pleasure before the fights. And that’s all there is to say about the scenario. The drawings wouldn’t be bad if there wasn’t tentacle rape, eggs, flagellation, mindbreak, nipple fucking, hentai rape… (Not everything at once, lol, one at a time, one per girl ^^)

My opinion, frankly, even at the cost of some infuriated persons : EUGH ! What a load of crap.
And yet, here I am, still sharing it, you may ask why ? Simply, there are things that I can dislike while respecting the fact other people will love it (“I love to make friends” bonus : I don’t include loli in that, the man masturbating at the thought of sexxing a preteen girl doesn’t fap to the idea of a paper sheet but to that of a real girl). Once in a while, I can share stuff of that sort, as part of my “affirmative hentai action” quota of respectable things that I don’t like myself ;)
This was released by Kizlan, so, in the name of all the glorious anons who’ll fap to this but never think of dropping a “thanks” on Hentaiweblog or on his blog : thank you Kizlan ! :D

By Kumoi Takashi, I also share Strange Heart, Hypnotic Stimulation and Escalation Summer.

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