I know that we’re supposed to be between adults (are we ? ¬_¬), that crudely insulting everybody else, and then fuck it ourselves included, that ridiculing everything at all costs, all of that is very immature and counter productive.

But I strongly think we need times like these when we can laugh our asses off, and let off some steam :D

There are sites like knowyourmeme.com and tvtropes if your brain isn’t fried or exhausted yet, or if you want to really learn things. But they just don’t do at times.

All that to say : in case you didn’t notice, Encyclopedia Dramatica isn’t dead. Even if its .ch domain stopped responding (I entered Pedro Mode), I fortunately came to realize it had now moved, for whatever reasons, to a .se domain, encyclopediadramatica.se :)

And there’s also the other competitor, the Uncyclopedia, if you wanted more pointless memes and rudeness.