Well, at least it provided me materials for a demotivational pic, right ?

All things considered, even though I was jumping with joy at first, I think this is the worst thing I’ve read by E-Musu Aki. The artist takes extremely liberal freedom with anatomy, while delivering us a twisted and (in my eyes) pointless story in which a MILF so cute and young-looking you’d think she is 20, deliberately plays a game in which she has sex with various men erroneously believing they’re taking advantage of her.

Me : meh ¬_¬

Yeah, the best part of this was the fucked up detail that allowed me to make my bonus pic ^^ (for a link, cf just above)
This is still E-Musu Aki, and ugly in itself, I mean… Oh well, my thanks are for TheEye and someone from Munyu Trans ! :)

By E-Musu Aki, I also share Let’s Make Love Girl (203 pictures, great drawings and stories) Young Wife Liberation Zone (196 pictures, hot drawings, annoying stories), An Immoral Sister, Mononoke Acme chapters 1 & 11 (decent), Virgin Alliance, Love Hip + Shiina’s Favoritism, and Melty Body (200 pictures, a tiny little bit less excellent excellent art, but more interesting stories).

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Actually, I'm proud of my bonus pic, and I don't want you guys to miss it ^^;;
Actually, I DO care about that shit, that pic reflects my anger and disappointment. Just to avoid misunderstandings ^^