You may have noticed, but lots of the old links on hentaiweblog were suddenly clinically dead, when the redirection service I used over them, 9hz and (silly me trying to earn a little beer money with that shitty service >_<), stopped working.  Since then I’ve been busy fixing the links in the posts containing those links, practically meaning I’ve had a shitload of zips and galleries to reupload, even though I wished I had spent this time on merrier activities.

At last, I made half of the work, all the posts of 2009 and 2008 are fixed, and I fixed the first post of 2007, I was on a roll :lol:

If you’re into weird stuff, FYI, the first post of 2007, fixed at last, is Monzetsu Caligula Machine [English, weird, 172 pictures]

monzetsu caligula machine