At least, the yandere part was funny :)

If I had liked that one enough to keep it in my permanent “favorites” partition, I would have done some cleaning on it. My intuition tells that a batch of levels corrction and two weak Surface Blur in a row (always better have two times a weak one in a row, rather than a big strong one) would have made wonders.

But… no. Something felt off with this manga. I’ve had the strong impression the mangaka attempted to do something too ambitions, too far fetched, while not having either the inspiration or enough pages (or neither of both.)

And we end up with an unfinished product, not very arousing (not enough arousing contents), with a scenario that’s not very satisfactory, humour that’s not very funny, and a character development that’s lacking too.
This is frustrating. Commendable as an effort from the mangaka, but frustrating.

Oh well, see for yourselves ?
This is the story of a mysterious girl who’s fated to be saved from a deadly curse by the sexual attentions of a young man, except that this young man has a yandere sister getting in the way.
Still, thanks to whoever did the scanlation :)

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