old-school hentai, that marvel ? FUCK YEAH !

Thanks to Bubbadg, here is yet another resurrection of an old hentai marvel, coming back to life, at last, in a new re-scanned high quality version :)

Quick links forĀ  The Sex Philes : chapters 1-6chapters 7-12chapters 13-17

In this volume, besides the great uncensored drawings, what to expect ? There will be heterosexual sex, yuri, futa, the worst super-hero EVER (PenisMan), burning hot dialogues, a VERY well written “marriage” chapter (splendid narration, I didn’t see the end coming), very original stories, funny tender and sexual moments in the bath, a not-so-evil succubus… That’s quality stuff :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : The Sex Philes 7-12 [English, 200 pictures, High Quality Re-Scan], by Tamaoki Benkyo (72 words)