Salvating sex and lots of humour - YEAH !

Don’t falter ! Even thoush she’s a maid, you have to endure ! – LOL ! :lol:

Here’s a very funny and original hentai manga, that I VERY strongly recommend you :) This is hard to summarize it without spoiling you, let us say the heroine strongly believes in salvation through sex, and this is a bit like Viva Freedom : take a random potentially funny situation, and then BADAAAM, the easy-sex heroine pops out of nowhere and everyone gets into sexual mode :lol:
Therere is a tiny bit of furry, and apart from this, only enthusiastically happy sex :)
My huge thanks go to Remi, from Remoe :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

I’ll recommend you one thing : please, read the speech bubbles, you’d lose lots of funnyness if you didn’t read it :)

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