And so, after lots of fun, the third Crazy Censorship contest is over :D

The rules were simple, to use that picture (from Answers Checking, by Bobobo) and invent something hilarious out of it under the dubious pretence of censoring it. The results of the contests may be seen here and there.

I couldn’t reward everyone, and yet, nearly all of the entries made my day, really, CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE, you showed wonderful creativity, I’m truly grateful to have you all around ! ^_^

I picked my super-favorites, they all won a 1-month depositfiles premium Gold key.
These winners are :

Vector, with that picture
Chamo-kun is back in full force, better than Ken Akamatsu ever made him !

Tornado, with that picture
A highly unexpected mahoromatic reference. After all, the request was to censor the image, haha ^^

Cygnus, with that picture
I don’t find words to comment on this. And this sick person even added a censorship bar !! :D

Ganonmaster, with that picture
*roll* *roll* *roll* *roll* *roll* *roll* *roll* *roll* *roll*

HeavensDealer, with that picture
Awwwwww, how cute ! Err… wait, what was asked…

ElectricFubar, with that picture
That was funnier before Romney ate dirt, but it’s still fun ^^

Noreception, with that picture
The manga eyes killed my ribs :D