Lol @ the name Marlboro ^^

I was extremely delighted to discover, a few hours ago (I still haven’t finished checking everything I missed when I was on holidays :3 ), that the COMPLETE version of The Tragedy of M was, at last, available :)

For this, thanks a LOT, a whole lot, to Nemui, I doubt this is a manga I’ll forget :)
Graphically, there’s no avoiding it, there is censorship, but, in my eyes, the awesome drawings and the very good way to play with the scenario are largely making up for this :)

At first sight, this manga is the story of Madoka, a young extremely sexy and self-conscious woman who uses her great body to try to lure wealthy men into marrying her, ensuring her lifelong riches. Great drawings, a super sexy girl with dream curves, happy sex from beginning to end, with a well-written ending full of WAFF.

But the best surprise comes from the real M, suffering the real tragedy : Marlboro :D Marlboro is the heroine’s dog, and – a genious idea ! – several scenes are seen through the poor dog’s eyes. And this is hilarious, a bit like Ebichu, the heroineโ€™s pet has his own character, comments on the heroineโ€™s sexual tactics (and interferes in them), is underfed and severely punishedโ€ฆ Just : LOL ! ^_^

By Kenji Umetani, I also share Katei Kyoushi Miki

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai
Aaaaargh I just LOVE that body :3

If you downloaded the previous incomplete version I shared of this manga, made of the chapters 1-7, you may wish to download now just the parts you were still missing ?

There you are, these are the chapters 8-12, 42 MB for 95 pictures :)
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