A GF into anal is a good GF. Please, don't read that line if you're a woman, lol ^_^

By an artist I like a LOT (cf. my previous hilarious and hardcore pack of 4 works by Norutaru), here is a new story centered around anal sex, with delicious pieces of humour :)

To be frank, I find this one a bit less awesome than my previous shares, but still, it’s damn good dope ! :D Thank you VERY much, Wrathkal and Afro Thunda, from LWB, you guys bring awesome contents to the community ! :)

This time, as we say in my country, the devil is hiding in the little details : the whole plot in itself isn’t humorous, the fun lies in the little details you’ll notice if you look around, like the priceless face of a waitress stumbling upon an anal conversation, or a “one week later” illustration :3

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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