That share also contained the most virile headbutt in several years :D

Like a moth attracted by the flame, the heroine, a spoiled rich girl, repeatidly buys hardcore rape porn from a sex-shop in a shady part of her town. The male hero saves her twice before she finally has sex with him, rough sex as she asked.

… I feel this summary is a bit off, it misses the erotic intensity conveyed by the girl’s face, and the lack of “crap, how sick is that shit” repulsion I would have felt if the male hero wasn’t such a good guy actually.

In other words, reading that one felt quite good, and it was a bit funny too, I’m glad to see at last this side of ShindoL again :)
Graphically, this isn’t top notch (ShindoL has done better), but it still conveyed a fine erotic intensity, I hope you may also feel this !
This has been released by Desu and DarkFire, thank you :)

(For MORE works by this artist, Cf. The list of ALL of shindoL’s works !)

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