Let’s call it my random stuff post of the day, shall we ? ;)

– First, I shamefully forgot to add something Vaizard asked me to ask, when I posted the final version of Taihen Yoku Dekishimata. Vaizard was the editor and the decensorer, and it’s no mere work he made, decensoring, chosing how to write dialogues, chosing the font, size, the effects, cleaning SFXes (yep, he did that, he’s the man I tell you !), and more.
And the question I had to ask : if you have constructive criticism, please post it :) You may make it in the Taihen post, or on Vaizard’s blog of course !

– Second, I’d like your help identifying the origin of a song. This is a Youtube remix of two memorable stage appearances of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, singing Under Pressure. This song is a cooperative work between Queen and Freddie Mercury, but sadly the two never played it together. This remix sort of fixes this regrettable state of events. With talent.
But the version of Under Pressure in this video is unknown to me, this is unbearable ! >_<
This isn’t the usual version present in Hot Space. Nor the version present in Wembley ‘86 or in Live Magic. I couldn’t find from where it comes.
So, I would have two questions, pretty please with sugar on top…
-> would you know where that song comes from ?
-> would you manage to save the youtube version to your disk and share it ? Please ? I tried to download it using the usual procedure (a firefox plugin), but the file it saved had crappy audio in comparison to youtube’s version T_T

– Third and final remark : if, for some reason, hentairules.net stopped working (shit happens, like yesterday), in the worst case, there is hentairules.us !
This is my test and backup version for Hentairules. I overwrite it with .net’s shares once or twice a month, but when .net goes offline, I use it instead :)