Haaa, that magical moment :)

Oh, boy, happy sex hentai mangas are really my favorite, reading Tonari No Kanririn made my day :)

Fast summary : a 24 years old guy falls under the charm of his 31 years old landlady, they’re happy with each other, and they have cute, caring, loving sex. I want moooooore hentai stuff like that !!

The drawings are very nice, sometimes delicate and cute, sometimes super hardcore in the wet and sloppy style, with great passionate faces. Definitely, give that manga a look, it’s good dope ;)

By Tanaka Ekisu, I also share Immature Mama [English, 173 pictures]

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Read the rest of : Tonari No Kanririn, by Tanaka Ekisu [English, 52 pictures] (79 words)