Compare the picture name, with the dialogues. Yep, my first hentai nerd joke ;)

Dear visitors, at long last, I’m finally glad to offer you the COMPLETE version of Toppatsusei Inkou Shoukougun, commissioned by me (I’m not regretting a single dollar :D ), and translated by Lhytiss, who made an EXCELLENT job :)
(Think of him if you need stuff translated, guys !)

The manga is fully uncensored, the chapters 1-2 were decensored by H9E, and the rest of the manga (chapters 3-9, except 8 for which I have no info) was decensored by me.

This manga is one of the BEST I’ve shared on Hentairules, no less :)

Toppatsusei… combines several pure win assets. First, the drawings are awesome, superbly detailed and nicely realistic. Second, the manga is entirely uncensored (it was an easy job ^^). Third, it’s pure happy sex in several various setups, with various kinds of girls and male partners.
And, lastly, every chapter is a little marvel of a scenario in itself, imaginative, original, well-found, striking, very funny (some chapters are hilarious !), it’s simply impossible to get bored when you read this manga ! :D

Besides, I also had a lot of fun making credit pictures, haha :lol:

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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(74 MB, 158 pictures, English)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

And if you downloaded my previous in-progress share, made of the chapters 1-6, you’ll only need the chapters 7-8-9, right ?
There you are =)
Chapters 7-8-9 download links :
Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2

I don’t have many bonuses to add, but, at least, I extracted 3 scenes…

First, five panels of glory, it’s even better when the picture is viewed outside of its context ^^

Second, a combo of two pictures : first, and second. The faces were priceless :lol:

Lastly, a question, would you know who were the persons who translated and decensored the chapter 8 ?
Update : 2hip shared the info in a comment, thanks a lot man, it was Desu and James :)

This chapter has been translated as a magazine version, so Lhytiss didn’t translated it from the tank, it saved him some time, and me some money.
I cleaned the chapter (levels, some details, magazine stuff, only forgetting a damn page number 109, grrr !) to make it tank-like.