Take sweet girls with beautiful faces and tits, add a bit of humour, and a sort of brother (honestly, I never really cared about understanding To Heart, I can’t tell if it’s incest or if it’s just they’re all calling the male hero onii-san as a form of respect), span it along 5 volumes, and you’ve got the present share , I gathered the 5 volumes of Toy Heart, by Akari Tsutsumi, I hope you’ll like it :)

Note 1 : I made a levels correction on the volumes 1, 3 and 4. They may not look fucking awesome as they are right now, but believe it, it was worse before.
Note 2 : the volume 3 is uncensored ! :D
Note 3 : dang, just as I’m ready to post it, ToyHeart 6 has been released. I’ll share it separately later, sorry everyone ! ^^

I share lots of other stuff by Akari Tsutsumi, a quick search should show you ! :o

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This post has been prepared in advance, when you’ll read it, me, I’ll be enjoying the beach and (hopefully) the sun of the Northern Sea 🙂
The opportunity to take once again a week of holidays has popped in without any prior warning, and I seized without losing a minute. So, well, I didn’t have time to prepare cutely my shares as of usual (it’s already lucky I had stuff in the process of being prepared in case I managed to get one more week of holidays around the middle of august), I hope you’ll bear with it 😉