WHAT ?!?

This is really what-the-flying-fuck material, but at least, it’s VERY original O_o :shock:

I’ll summarize.
In volume 1, the male hero, for lack of a better word, gains the abillity to morph into anything, so he transforms into the bike of the girl he likes to enjoy her ass, then he proceeds to bike-fucking her before clone-fucking her. That was the situation in december 2011 and, no, I’m not high on drugs as I type this.

Then a new chapter was released just today, and this time the same guy enjoys pretending to be a woman to bang a male baseball team, taking the appearance of the club leader’s girlfriend in order to hurt him good, before launching a popular poltergeist service. I am STILL not on drugs.

Three words : WHAT THE FUCK ?!?
Graphically : this is VERY good. Scenario-wise : errr… Joker. I’ll skip commenting, it’s better.
As for you, I won’t give advice, you have all the required clues, do whatever you wish with this manga :shock:
Credits are for Kizlan (chapter 1) and Raikoh (chapter 2), thank you for the scenario I would have NEVER imagined I’d read some day :lol:

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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