Hi everyone,

My memory is messed up about it, I’m making a confusion with Tanaka Yutaka, I can’t recall the name of a hentai manga or the hentai artist behind it, could I humbly ask for your help ?

The story features a male teen in a sort-of peaceful post apocalyptic world, he’s got a serious disease and he’s offered a sort of genetically modified girl (I think she’s called Ai), made to suit his case, disease and personality, who will accompany him in the corridor to the extinction of self. She passes away before him in tragic circumstances. Love, more love, tears and very good drawings all along.

This is irritating, I have the impression I almost remember it, I *think* I shared it on Hentairules… but the precise memory flees my conscious memory >_<

Please, if it rings a bell, enlighten me, thank you :)