I’m not a fan of that genre (more precisely : I don’t hate it either, I just don’t give a fook), but I owed a great favour to a friend who expressed the desire I would share that with you guys.
To summarize it simply, TS I Love You is about futanari, but not the usual sort. When you look at that, the usual futanari we see are all girls with a bonus penis, and they have sex with other girls. Now, reverse the perspective, and you have the idea, these futanari behave more like men and they have sex with other males, and not girls. Personally : ew ! In your own case : oh well, I hope you’ll like it, otherwise, I’ll understand :roll:

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : TS I Love You volume 3, + volumes 1-2-3 in another Zip link [English, 494 pictures] (163 words)