I really LOVED the cheerful atmosphere in that one ^_^

Gee, that one was TOTALLY sweet ! ^_^
A young adult man and his slightly older former female highschool teacher spend the night together. This may look simple. It is. But is is surrounded by a delightful atmosphere made of cheerfulness, or fun, of humour, of straightforwardness, with trust in what the future will bring… If the term “WAFF”, standing for “warm and fuzzy feeling”, is new for you, here’s a fine example of it ! :D

And the drawings ! Cute, artful, well drawn, almost without censorship ! :shock:
My highly grateful thanks, for this nice hentai work that brought a huge smile to my face (and also affected my lower areas in a subtly different manner) are for Red Vodka, Z6595, Vaako Benihime, Derp and Altereggo, from Team Vanilla ! :)

Just a note… Look at page 16, an apparently pleasant deepthroat, drawn x-ray style (one of those rare occasions I can enjoy an x-ray : for blowjobs). Did you notice the man’s cock head is located in the position of the woman’s ears. This is BEYOND deepthroating, at this point – or the drawing is bugged :D :lol:

By Kerorin, I’m also sharing Tanmachi-kun And Hiyoshi-san (YES, these are also characters from the present share ^^) and Panya Labyrinth.

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