I don't get why a girl would fantasize about being a sex slave, but, well...

OK, this isn’t the godly Maid Bride, but this is good dope nonetheless :D

Exactly as the title says, Tsundere Maid is about a tsundere maid :D A girl fantasizes about being the maid sexual slave of the boy she likes, and they grow “accustomed” (*cough*) to each other. There’s a lot of dildo play, cat ears, a lot of vaginal and a bit of oral and anal sex, the girl is a cute tsundere, and I guess that’s about all I have to say ^^
About the “sex slave” idea, this time there is nothing degrading in this, it’s all vanilla.

In short, graphically, A+, scenario-wise, shallow B+ let’s say ;)
Credits, and my grateful thanks, are for MidnightPass, Super Shanko, Lighshader, Jantch and Zumato, from EHCove ! :)

Kojima Saya loves maids, incidentally, he (he ? or she ?) has also drawn Goshuujin-sama No Oose No Mamani and, without maids but with a great scenario and great drawings, Electric Brain Waves Twin Girls

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