Thank you oh sweet god of hentai :D

This is it. At last. The real deal.
Here is the complete translated version of Tsundero, by Takeda Hiromitsu :twisted:

My thanks to Laudator who sent me the last chapter :)

How to describe Tsundero, there are so many good things ? I could talk about the rarity of a 100% happy sex complete hentai manga with mostly mutual love. I could talk about the incredible orgasmic faces (reminding me a bit of Shindo Eru). Mention how cool tsundere girls are. Or mention the pleasant comedy scenes. The titfucks of heaven. The instant-kill nanobikini. The “woops” faces. And dozens of other good things ! – Just read it :twisted:

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Read the rest of : Tsundero [English, COMPLETE version, 235 pictures], by Takeda Hiromitsu (306 words)