Now, THAT is a hentai blowjob :)

With my thanks to Dark Knight, here is a good hentai story about two childhood friends having sex. The scenario is archetypical (tsundere girl, situation reversal with the male overpowering her with his Glorious Manhood), but it is marvelously saved by the humour and the drawing style :razz:

Graphically, Hitagiri is like a mix of Takenoko Seijin, ShindoL and Takeda Hiromitsu. Very, VERY intense happy sex, “ahegao” faces (if you don’t see the meaning, imagine a girl opening her eyes wide and shouting the word – you’ve got it). Scenario wise, as you will see, the cracking glasses, the bear VS tiny little wabbits comparison, the childhood photographs (I made this bonus), there were little ideas, true, but genious little ideas :D

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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The childhood photographs first made me laugh very hard, but then I remembered a bitch that was bugging me in my young days, and it struck me that childhood hate-hate relationships sometimes leave long-lasting impressions…

Conclusion :

NEVER forgive, groar