Come on down, girl, NOW ! :D

With many thanks to Setebos who is once again behind a very high quality hentai release (you’re the man :D ), here are TWO great stories by an artist I love a lot, Sasagawa Hayashi :)

Really, this artist’s works are a rarity, they’re adult in all ways, not only because it shows sex, drama is potentially close by, and yet there are lots of love, sex being just a part of the relation between a loving man and a loving woman, the artist reminding us that loving and being loved is a miracle in life (and it provides warm and fuzzy moments). Hentai works of this quality are VERY rare :shock:
Hmm, must I even mention there are also very hardcore good drawings ?

By the same artist, Sasagawa Hayashi, I also share First Love [Honeymoon being a prequel of it], Shiawase De Aru You Ni [English, 68 pictures, also a great moving and adult scenario] and, don”t even think of missing it if you haven”t read it yet, Virginal Communication [English, 221 pictures, short stories with less interesting scenarii, but faptastic art]

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Two great works by Sasagawa Hayashi : Hitomi”s Cherry Red Lips + Honeymoon [English, 62 pictures] (72 words)