The SFXes were funny ^^

After The Logical Song, by Supertramp, here comes The Logical Hentai Manga.

A female student somehow “took in” the soul of her departed brother, so, logically, she grew a penis. Since she and her brother take turns controlling her body (that makes sense, come on), the brother triggers a situation in which sex occurs with a young hot female teacher.
This story is terribly stereotypical, cliché, I’m appalled at the lack of imagination hentai artists can display, won’t they ever imagine something out of the usual ?
*cough* :D

If you really want an opinion about this manga : after all, the drawings aren’t bad ! ^^
Just a remark, the young female teacher has a great body but I have to warn you, she has huge lips (I don’t dislike it – heck, I EVEN find Alita from Gunnm sexy, and she has octopus lips !).
Thanks a lot to Carstairs and Super Shanko :)

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