Before I post my shares of the day, I’m in the mood for sharing some links, and also I want to ask you guys a question.

I won’t ask you to read, this post but I hope it will be interesting if you like to uncensor pictures, if you’re Italian, or if you’ve had bugs with hentaiweblog ;)

– the question first : a dozen of persons reported me they sometimes saw the “Next page” links disappear, as well as the dropdown list of all the pages of hentairules.
I *suppose* I fixed it, so please, if the problem still happens, can you tell me ?

– second, an hyperlink to an official Adobe Photoshop CS-5 demonstration on youtube. I’m not a big Photoshop user (I’m good with the Gimp, I only use photoshop to interact with Illustrator and manage quadrichromy color). But then, I saw the “Content Aware” function, that will be implemented with CS5.
And… /NEED ! That’s the future of decensoring :twisted:
Basically, with it, you can remove a portion of your picture and the program VERY intelligently guesses from the surroundings and fills in the blank.
It’s not an hoax, it’s official, and it badly kicks ass !  (If you’re lazy, browse to 2′55 and 3′50)

– third, an hyperlink for the Italian visitors (3% of the audience of Hentairules, grazie ! ^^) : I was informed by an Italian visitor, Stefane, that Witchcraft had been published in an italian version, full tank, uncensored, and on sale in manga bookshops :)
If you prefer to buy it online, it’s also on sale at this place.
And, frankly, should you buy ONE manga, I’d either recommend Witchraft, or Aqua Bless, it’s not that bad to support the artits from times to times ;)