I’m in the mood to re-post two links :)

– First, a Youtube video that has grown into being my all-time favorite Youtube musical video. It’s highly efficient in keeping you awake or in waking you up (depending on the time you watch it in the morning :lol: ), and it’s a bloody terribly good remix !
The link : Capsule x Daft Punk x Daft Punk- Starry Sky
There’s only Alive 2007, by Daft Punk, that I’d rate even higher in terms of “keeping you awake at night while having a badass good time”.

– Second, oh well, if you care, the amateur blog animated by a friend is back online. At first I was hosting it for him, I had also made the initial installation, but some of his contents caused me problems with my host – so I kicked his blog out, giving him a backup of the database and of the blog files… And now he’s back online, at another web host.
The link to his amat blog.
I’m much more into hentai than into real girls (I suppose that’s like a good point when you’re already married with children, lol), but well, it’s a friend, he used my reflinks in the beginning, so I don’t hate helping him – as long as he can’t cause problems to my hosting account again -_-