Hello, if you could help with one of these questions, I’d be grateful :)

– Most importantly : would you guys know what has happened to Faytear ? His blog, http://faytear.blogspot.com has disappeared o_O
If you don’t know Fayt, he’s a cool person, talented editor, gathering talents and helping others, editing and applying scanlations, with an interesting blog… except that his blog’s suddenly gone :shock:

– A trivial question now, about Photoshop.
the arrival of Photoshop CS5 convinced me I should train myself with Photoshop – I’m a Gimp user, natively. I’m progressively getting the hang of it, starting soon to be able to operate the same operations I’m already flawlessly doing with the Gimp – the main obstacle is to manage to get used to work at the same speed, I’ve found some keyboard shortcuts to help (like shift-L that I found myself, where the fook was it documented while it’s one of the most useful shortcuts for me ¬_¬), I’m working to improve myself with the rest.
And I came up with a new super-newbie question. I’ll ask several other questions over time, but here’s today’s question ^^
The question : let’s say I copy a picture zone with the lasso and perform a control-C, control-V (that I’ll most probably follow by a V and maybe a control-T). Is there a way to force photoshop to remember the “Selection Edges” and “Layer Edges” (View > Show > ..) options, to make them default ?
And would there be a way to make photoshop paste this selection into the current layer, instead of having to spam control-e when I’m done with an area ?
Thanks if you can help with this little trivial newbish question ^^