A small heads-up, two of my recent shares have been updated :)

Pretty Cool, Uncensored version, by Sengoku-kun : for some reason, the 4 final color pictures present at the end of Pretty Cool were not in the version that Nightscream decensored. After I made him the remark, Nightscream decensored these 4 pictures too, bless him =)

Tenshi No Kagai Jugyo : there was one picture missing in my version, just before picture 145, in which it is explained that contracting with the male hero, instead of dividing the angelic power of the female contractor, actually increases it, triggering the mild jealousy of the nurse angel.

I fixed the zips approximatively 12 to 18 hours ago. If you downloaded them recently, it’s easy to know if you already have the updated version. See if the 4 last pictures of Pretty cool are decensored, or not, and see if there’s a discussion about increasing angelic power just before page 145 in Tenshi No Kagai Jugyo.

You only need the updated parts ? Just re-download the over 100 MB zips, nerds !
– Just kidding, of course. Rot in hell, Milton Friedman, here comes a free lunch !