Hello everyone !

In case you missed the update, I have updated my CDPA/ANICD pack with 2 new translated chapters, I had completely missed their existence when I prepared the pack yesterday, I apologize for this ! The new stuff is offered in a separate download. Thanks to Alejandro and Kadou Denji for this !

Another note, today I’m sharing some Naruco Hanaharu goodness again, I took this chance to fix ALL the zip links in my Naruco Hanaharu shares. On top of all, if you don’t have it yet, don’t miss Shoujo Material (228 pages full of greatness), and the other works are a big 14-full-color-works repack, the short but decent Namadashi Generation, another 4-full-color-works pack (I should have done a massive repack with the 14 works, Namadashi and this one, now that I think of it -_-), and Kairakuten Nene, it’s SO sad this last one never made it to a tank, with a proper ending and better printing !

Have a good day :)