a hentai drawing I liked a lot :)

Thanks to the nice work of RedComet, I can share two nice short hentai works by Ei Itou :)

Being two works by Ei Itou, that alone implies you’ll have nice graphics with slightly childish faces above adult bodies, enthusiastically manipulative female characters, and far-fetched scenarii that sound absurd even in the hentai world standards ;)

Compared to my last very complex share, this is a real breather :lol:

I also share a fully translated hentai manga by the same artist, Ei Itou, this is Princess Propose [English, 267 pictures]., also called “Puri Puro”

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Two short stories by Ei Itou : Rain And A Promise + Remodeling Brother [English, 49 pictures] (92 words)