The best thing with fellatio, you can have raw sensations without a condom - condoms are joykillers for what comes next.

Wow, now, THAT’s awesome oral action. The blowjobs from hell. Fela pure, is it as “purely awesome fellatio” ? ^^
The sex is incredibly intense, the two partners are drunk on each other’s lust. There were also occasional funny moments (like the sausages, ROFL !).
Just for this, I’m already strongly recommending you Fela Pure :D

And yet, I had several moments when I couldn’t enjoy my read. The heroine’s unnaturally long tongue sometimes freaked me out, or the prolungated french kisses with the tongues weirdly sticking out with all that oozing drool (and yet, I’m a french kiss fanatic, I bloody LUV doing it during sex). An absurd and really lame shota chapter. The chapter 6 in which an imbecile nothing short of mentally retarded was in charge of applying the censorship.
I’m not saying “stay away from Fela Pure”, it’s more like “don’t expect too much, enjoy it for what is is, okay ?” :)

And, let’s not forgert, credits are for Tenchi20 from, Kusanyagi, Desu, Grey Fox, Darkbiofire and Yossarian762 – thanks a lot to all of them, really ! :)
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