Those eyes ! Those eyes ! It's like with Syati Kamaboko ! O_O

The heroine is the school council president, and she has a brother. ‘Nuff said ! :D

NOT ! Actually, there’s more to it ^^
The drawing style somehow reminds of me Warashibe (a quick search on Hentaiweblog should return juicy results), but with more particular traits. The extensive use of the tongue (kissing, licking, “enveloping”, etc), the mouth-pussy, all styles of fellatio, and of course actual vaginal sex. There were bits I didn’t like much (including skullfuck, one peeing page), but they were almost to be expected given how INTENSE the sex was (I should really invent an erojoule official scale, lol), so they were also OK.
A good read for everyone, I think :)

Once again, my thanks are for Kusanyagi and Grey Fox as a cool commissioner ! :)

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Just a bonus note, I was entranced by the girl’s eyes in the big preview pic on top of that post :shock:

They reminded me of Syati Kamaboko, cf that picture for instance :

Look at me in the eyes. I said : the eyes

Or that image :

Those eyes ! Those eyes !

Source : Kaichou No Iinari !