Well, I *assumed* she was blonde, I have no evidence. But it's better like that anyway :D

A blonde librarian with big tits in a sailor uniform, and a school teacher, they have been in a relation two weeks before. A library with nobody’s ever visiting. Why waste time over a scenario, honestly ?

I decensored it for you, as a small value added :) It was an easy job and a chance to shake off the rust from my fingers and mouse, haha ^^

Dear male and female (I love your 6% !) pervs, here is a brand new work by Shunjyou Shuusuke, starting with a LONG and intense blowjob session, followed by a (shorter) vaginal sex session. The artist’s drawing style has already been better, but it’s still fairly good end quite enjoyable :twisted:
Credits are for The Individual Eleven and Afro Thunda, thank you so much, you two ! :)

(For more works by Shunjyo Shusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

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