Uncensored hentai rules, as I always say ^_^

With my thanks to Iznogoud for the good link and to – presumably, he wasn’t sure – a person called Kir for the decensoring, here are two uncensored doujinshi by the popular Ohkura Bekkan :)

Titfucks, vaginal and anal action, full color or grayscale, there’s a bit of everything for all the tastes in this mini-pack :3

The first of the two works, Tifa W-Cup, is a full-color FF7 parody, with Tifa becoming a clumsy obedient maid, giving a titfuck, having vaginal and anal sex, and then pummeling to death her partner in the end (serves that fucker right), nothing special to mention save the annoying peeing theme in 3 panels. Haito no Kan Ayane to Kokoro is a DOA doujin with Ayane “hentai raping” Hayato (goooooood~) and Kasumi hentai raped (fugly).

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai